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COVID-19 Guidelines


We are dedicated to keeping all of you in good health and want that to continue long after this pandemic ceases to so heavily impact so many communities.

To do our part in controlling the spread of COVID-19, especially for all of our immunocompromised friends, please join us in following these easy guidelines:

1. We now permit walk-ins, but to avoid overcrowding we recommend calling for an appointment.

2. Employees will wear a mask at all times, and we strongly recommend customers also wear a mask while here.

3. Our shop is not climate controlled. Please dress appropriately in extreme weather and remember that wearing a mask will increase your awareness of what's comfortable.

And, speaking of comfort -- Important Side Notes:

We only allow bottled water in our shop if needed. 

We do not have bathrooms, which means no hand washing, so please plan accordingly. 

• Our employees will be using hand sanitizer, wearing masks, and strictly observing physical distancing for your safety.

We thank you in advance for your patience and love!

And as always, our online Etsy shop and our website's SHOP page are open 24/7! Shop from the comfort of your own climate-controlled safe zone and get some vintage and antique goodies delivered safely, right to your door. And if there's something you're looking for but not seeing listed there, just ask. We ship most of our inventory worldwide (with or without Etsy!).

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