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Our Story

Barn Attic has been in business for over 45 years. Before it was Barn Attic, the 150 year-old barn was the home of The Barn Auction, a Friday night tradition in the Harleysville area for over 20 years. The auction was a joint venture between Mary Lou Richards and her father, Marvin Knechel. Neither of them could have imagined what a fantastic business would grow from the sale of a sturdy, second-hand high chair in the early 1970s.

About Mary Lou Richards

From a young age, Mary Lou loved collecting. She was drawn to anything unusual, and by the age of 12 she had begun her collection of Victorian and Art Nouveau pieces -- some of which she still owns. A diligent record keeper from the beginning, she still keeps a ledger of her personal collection, listing every item ever bought or sold.

While she loves to organize and to clean, Mary Lou steadfastly maintains that her favorite part of her business is her customers. She feels lucky to be doing what she loves and never feels overwhelmed by the quantity of her wares.

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